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Trask Family Farms

The Trask family has been a part of the agricultural industry for five generations! By the 1930's GW Trask and his sons were farming thousands of acres, making them one of the largest produce producers on the east coast. Today, our farm grows produce on some of the same lands that have been farmed by the Trask family since the early 1900s.

Freshly Picked Melons at TFFHome-grown Heirloom Tomatoes
Fresh Melons, Tomatoes,
Peppers and more!
Sweet Queen Sweet CornFresh Peppers and SunflowersLocal Wild Honey

What's in Season

There's always something in season at our farms. From fresh produce to local honey, everything comes straight from our fields. Check out more on our Facebook and Instagram Page!
Fresh Melons, Tomatoes,
Peppers and more!
Local NC Honey

Sunflower Maze

Come smell the flowers at Trask Family Farms! We're growing fields of wildflowers to pick, explore, and photograph as well as a beautiful sunflower maze. Visit this summer and loose yourself amongst the blooms!

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Sweet Queen Sweet Corn

Fall Corn Maze

Come one, come all, and get lost at Trask Family Farms! Our corn maze is family-friendly fun for all ages with over 4 miles of trails. Trask Family Farms also has a full range of fall activities for the whole family!

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